Rehan Living the Dream

It is not length of life, but depth of life.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson


It was Rehan’s dream to always pay it forward. He was passionate about one day establishing a scholarship endowment to help a deserving engineering student at the University of Virginia to complete his or her education. What better way to honor Rehan’s memory than making his dream a reality!

We hope to make this an annual event and award a scholarship to a student whose character and involvement in University life most resembled Rehan's. Those characteristics include: Personal Resilience, Genuine Connection, Mentorship, Depth of Involvement and Joyous Humor.

It is through the kindness of Rehan’s family, friends and classmates that this scholarship will be possible each year. Please consider contributing by clicking on the donate button. The scholarship endowment will be administered by the UVA Alumni Association (501(c)(3) nonprofit org) and Rehan’s friends & family will help in selecting the recipient of the scholarship.

Contributions can also be made via checks made out to the University of Virginia Fund. The Rehan Baddeliyanage Memorial should be denoted in the memo section of your check or in a letter accompanying your check. Please mail your checks to:

University of Virginia Fund

Attn: Rehan Baddeliyanage Memorial

P.O. Box 400314

Charlottesville, VA 22904-4314

Rehan Baddeliyanage, age 21, unexpectedly left this life on March 12, 2019, while living it fully, hiking a rainforest trail in Puerto Rico with friends.

Rehan was a senior at the University of Virginia, majoring in Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Business Engineering.

Precious son and loving brother, Rehan lived the promise of his life with integrity, humility, and gratitude, always with a ready smile and encouraging word. Meeting him, you knew his interest in you was genuine. He lived presently in the moment, “living the dream” as he always said, and embodied the love of his family.

Rehan was the recipient of the Kris Kishore Memorial Scholarship, which is awarded to “a rising Fourth-Year Student at the University of Virginia to continue leading a life of public service that inspires others and brings lasting, beneficial change to the community.”

A much accomplished and passionate academic, Rehan also lived a life of service. He readily embraced the ups and downs of life, and helped others do the same through his work as a resident advisor, and later as the vice chair for professional expectations and promotions in Housing and Residence Life.

Rehan was a member of Theta Tau engineering fraternity, IMP Society, Ultimate Club Frisbee, Madison House and the University Guide services at the University of Virginia. He is an alumnus of Dominion High School in Sterling, VA.

Rehan’s friends and family heard from him a lot, both in words and deeds. From exchanging daily notes with his mother to constantly showing his father the perseverance and strength he possessed in the challenges he accepted, from embarking on great adventures with his girlfriend Emily to being a steadfast friend and partner in crime to his little brother, Roshan; Rehan knew how to live a life built on loving relationships. His infectious sense of humor and lighthearted spirit were also part of what made him a wonderful and trusted confidant to the younger students he mentored and his ever-growing circle of friends.

Rehan is survived by his parents Ravi and Nadira Baddeliyanage; his brother Roshan; his grandmothers Mangala Baddeliyanage and Elaine Obeyesekera; and his many aunts, uncles, and cousins. He is now in heaven with his beloved grandfathers, Marcellinus Baddeliyanage & Carl Obeyesekera and his best friend JP Popovich (Just Keep Swimming).

UVA Double Take video of Fourth-year student Rehan Baddeliyanage shared a powerful story of commitment to his friends, UVA community, kindness, generosity of heart and pay it forward, during "Double Take: Stories That Make You Think Twice".